Major enterprises rely on IDECSI

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Is someone spying on your executives’ emails?
Is your OneDrive, G Suite, proprietary application… compromised right now? 
Who has access to your confidential SharePoint folders?...

Protect, in one place, all your critical applications, on-premise or cloud.

With IDECSI detect any unauthorized access, dangerous actions or malicious configuration in real time.

Identify abuse of the administration platform, internal or external, identity theft or impersonation, organizational changes, theft of password, and more.

Ensure the integrity of your key applications and your users, and prevent damage to your key assets.

Principal applications protected by IDECSI

  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • Office 365
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint online
  • OneDrive
  • G Suite
  • SAP
  • Opent Text
  • Box
  • In Webo

IDECSI can also protect industry specific and proprietary applications.
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IDECSI, a multi-application solution for real-time monitoring and audit


Check the integrity of your critical applications and user accounts.

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Real-time detection

Identify intrusion and threats immediately they occur. 

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Personal SIEM

Involve your users in the security of the company and save money.

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IDECSI, immediate benefits

Plug & Play

IDECSI works immediately. Installation takes less than two hours and all protected accounts and applications are then being monitored.
Application aware. IDECSI is aware of all risks within protected applications and can instantly begin detecting security breaches. 

No access to your data

IDECSI does not need to access your data and will never impact on your performance.
No special permissions are needed. The system is completely agentless.
Maintaining IDECSI will not impact you or your protected applications.

Collective defense

With IDECSI every employee can be aware of access to their applications. Users can be informed of unauthorized access immediately and therefore share in their security. Because everyone has visibility over their own security, the company benefits from proactive, collective defense.

Unique smartphone application

Users can receive alerts on their smartphone of unauthorized access or malicious configuration, and can immediately inform the security team or SOC to get instant resolution.

No constraints

IDECSI is completely transparent for protected users. It does not add any new passwords, logins or other complexities. IDECSI works in the “background” with no impact on the way applications are used.


Flexible and adaptable

You decide the level of security you need. You choose the applications and employees you want to protect. Updating is easy to match the evolving needs of your business.

Simple installation, regardless of your IT architecture

Make your applications 100% safe and protect your users at any time, over any period of time and regardless of deployment architecture.




IDECSI is a unique technology recognized by many security awards

International patents

IDECSI’s technology is patented in Europe and in the United States.

Major awards

Assises of Security Innovation Prize - Golden Cloud Innovation Prize - IDECSI has been honored by different professional worlds : CISOs, CIOs, CTOs...

Pass French tech

IDECSI has earned the prestigious label Pass French tech, designed for French companies in hypergrowth mode with great international exposure.

  • Prix de l'innovation des assises 2014
  • Lauréat innovation IT 2017
  • French Tech
  • France cyber secutity
  • IT Night
  • Médaille d'or 6° nuit du numérique 2016
  • Partner VIP
  • Golden cloud

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