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Increase detection capability

Detect suspicious or malicious activities and human errors even those with very weak signals, thanks to a powerful real-time alerting system and the involvement of your users.

The Challenge

Identify dangerous actions and prevent risk

Key threats

Detect the most critical threats immediately, as they occur: concurrent access, identity theft, brute force attacks, data exfiltration, mass deletion, successful phishing, etc.

Weak signals and internal risks

Distinguish between what is legitimate and what is not.
Identify malicious and inappropriate behavior, human error and malicious lateral movements.


Benefit from involving all employees in protecting the company.
Increase your detection and reaction capacity.
Reduce resolution time.

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Improve the detection of security breaches

Improve the relevance of alerts

Reduce false positives with a smart system. Every change is tracked and every threat is catalogued and identified, generating only relevant alerts identifying critical, malicious behavior.

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Your users are notified of suspicious behavior

Save time on troubleshooting and remediation, as users validate the action or confirm the problem.
Improve event management efficiency while reducing costs.

Platform of MyDataSecurity


The first detection system interacting with users

You increase your capacity to reliably detect security breaches (malicious access, sharing or configuration, etc.) and reduce the risks inherent in collaboration tools.

Real time

Native O365 use cases

Operational immediately

Behavior analysis

Embedded threat models

  • A native dictionary of key risks and threats
  • Automated monitoring of critical systems in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, e-mail and file servers
  • Preconfigured use cases, immediately operational with no need for set up
  • Customised monitoring and protection

  • For each user and every data source
  • Machine learning
  • Maximum visibility in tenant operations
  • Simplified forensics
  • Expertise in the applications covered
  • Real-time alerts

  • Every critical malicious act is reported
  • Notifications can either be sent to the user to rate the incident or to the SOC
  • Fully configurable alerts and notifications
  • Integration with the major SIEMs
  • Smart remediation

  • Scheduled rights reviews
  • Campaign tracking dashboard
  • User updates and corrections
  • Centralized and consolidated feedback
  • Automated processing
  • Supervision tool for Infosec and SOC teams
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    Other solutions

    Effective solutions for all your needs


    Run analyses with just one click. Access important information fast.

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    Involve users

    Increase the user’s role in protecting their data and collaboration tools by involving them in the security system and allowing them to control their data.

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    Sensitive data

    Enable personalized monitoring and maintain full control over the operations and access affecting your most essential data.

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    Use automated remediation to correct malicious or dangerous operations and human error as quickly as possible, with the help of your team.

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    Access review

    Dramatically improve your recertification processes with effective user engagement, automated mechanics, and fine-grained data analysis.

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