Workplace Manager

Improve your remediation capacity

Use automated remediation to correct illegitimate or dangerous operations and human error as quickly as possible, with the help of your team.

The Challenge

Reduce remediation time

Incident response

Reduce the time taken to correct a threat
Immediately stop a security breach: fraudulent access, brute force attempt, or data exfiltration.

Remediation plans

Carry out remediation quickly
Remove and clean up compromised rights and permissions. Drive recertification and remediation campaigns with just one click.

Under control

Set up a routine for supervising and correcting data
Give your employers the resources to control and update access, rights and sharing affecting their data. You’re in control.

CISO on a computer


Increase your risk response capacity

Remediation by users

Your users manage their data, including rights updating. They can group or delete sites or member lists, manage sharing links, etc.

Rights review simplified

Automate remediation processes

Keep control over access, rights, sharing, and set ups affecting your data.
Reduce the cost of recertification campaigns by automating the entire process.
Focus on doing what is essential.

Timeline for events and automatic remediation


Automated remediation by users

IDECSI’s remediation leverages user connectivity and real-time alerts to manage access, rights and sharing and resolve security incidents automatically.

Centralised view

Machine learning

Monitoring and reporting

User involvement


  • Accurate audit of data permissions, risks or configuration errors (groups and members, individual permissions, via company link, internal users, guest or anonymous accounts)
  • Audit of permissions affecting sensitive data
  • Dynamic identification of owners and possible mass assignment
  • User action

  • Group or delete sites and lists
  • Manage sharing links (company link, external)
  • Manage and delete groups
  • Change owners
  • Management

  • Automatic processing of rights updates by the IDECSI platform
  • Centralised, consolidated feedback
  • Supervision tool for ISS and SOC teams
  • Under control

  • Continuous changes and updates
  • Alerts for major changes
  • Other solutions

    Effective solutions for all your needs


    Run analyses with just one click. Access important information fast.

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    Involve user

    Increase the user’s role in protecting data and collaborative tools by involving them in the security system and allowing them to control their data.

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    Sensitive data

    Enable personalised monitoring and maintain full control over the operations and access affecting your most essential data.

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    Detect illegitimate and dangerous operations, human error and weak signals thanks to a powerful real-time alert system and the involvement of your users.

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    Rights reviews

    Dramatically improve your recertification processes with strong user engagement, automated mechanics, and fine-grained data analysis.

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