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Strengthen the security of sensitive data

Enable personalized monitoring and maintain full control over the operations and access affecting your most essential data.

The Challenge

Supervizing sensitive data


Access information about your sensitive data quickly
Where is it? Who is accessing or sharing it?
Clear analysis by label (MIP classification), by BU, by user profile, etc.

Protection and correction

Advanced monitoring and tracking for effective protection
Enable dynamic monitoring of SharePoint Online groups, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business folders, shared files, and critical and confidential e-mail inboxes.
Automate data protection with Microsoft Information Protection integration.


Involve and empower your employees
Improve visibility for users: who is accessing their sensitive data? Who has permissions?
Notify owners of suspicious activity. Reduce human error and the risk of incidents.

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Pain points

Protect strategic data and users from exposure reliabily and efficiently


The volume of data to be processed continues to increase with the rise of collaboration tools. This makes it difficult to identify and protect sensitive data from risk exposure for the company.

Complete traceability

Strategic data and users need to be monitored closely. It can be difficult to analyze all the data and detect a suspicious action quickly.
False positives and the process of validating the information can impact the process time

Human error

Users or administrators can make configuration or sharing errors due to a lack of attention or a low maturity in collaboration tools.
Especially for confidential data, the risks are high in case of leakage or disclosure.
It is necessary to make the owners of confidential data responsible and give them control over.


Improve access and sharing management for your sensitive data

Focus your efforts on high-risk operations

Thanks to an automatic learning phase, each user and data source is monitored individually.
Guarantee integrity by immediately being informed of any important change or dangerous configuration.

Expert platform

Users are empowered

Improve adoption of Microsoft 365 collaboration tools. Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online group owners have the resources to manage the most critical data.

Rights review simplified


Customized protection

Control the security of your data and your key users.

User check

User engagement

Real time

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Automated remediation

One-click audit report

Advanced and personalized monitoring

  • Monitoring for each user and data source
  • Relevant alerts
  • No important changes are missed
  • MIP Integration

  • Automatic recognition and integration of classification labels and tags
  • Simplified identification of sensitive data and its owners
  • Improve reporting of real incidents thanks to machine learning
  • Real-time notification – Alert answer

  • Anomalies, human error, malicious/illegitimate access or settings
  • ISS and/or user information as soon as a risk operation is carried out
  • Instant peace of mind: direct questions to owners
  • User dashboard

  • Tracking rights, access and configurations affecting their data
  • Managing members of groups, sharing, SharePoint Online sites and sensitive Microsoft Teams groups
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