Improve visibility

Run analyses with just one click. Access critical information fast.

The Challenge

Knowing who is doing what, accessing what, and sharing what with whom.

Audits and reporting

Access the right information
The operations carried out (access, permissions, sharing, configuration) are collected, classified, and recorded in the history. You can see an accurate picture (global, specific analyses, by organization, etc.) on demand with just a few clicks.


All information in a centralized location for investigation
When investigating or preventing, you can efficiently trace the access and configuration operations carried out anywhere in your system.

Control and compliance

Keep your platform safe and up-to-date
Improve data governance, compliance, access recertification and adherence to corporate data security policies.

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Improve your visibility and analytics capability

Save time and optimize resources

Free team members from this time-consuming step, empowering them to effectively conduct their own analyses.
Take action more efficiently (processing time, incident response, reactivity).

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Improve user visibility

Each user has a personal security assistant to monitor and control their data security.
Give your users the power to control their own data: Who does what? Who accesses what? They can be involved in protecting their own data.

Platform of MyDataSecurity


The platform that speeds up access to information

With continuous monitoring of access, permissions, sharing and configuration, and an easy-to-use platform, you can instantly access the most important information in any environment.  Identify suspicious or malicious actions or configuration changes.

Pre-designed filters and analysis options

Consolidated, centralized data

Organized, pre-processed logs

Power BI reports

One-click audit

  • Generate audit reports (advanced and multi-criteria queries, pre-formatted and multi-format reports)
  • Obtain a report of accesses and active configurations at any time with the consolidated view.
  • Monitor compliance
  • Reporting/BI security

  • Create customized reports (Power BI and Excel compatible) suitable for different types of users: CISO/Business/IT/DG/Admin
  • KPI monitoring: alerts, risk level
  • Make decisions
  • Forensic

  • Have clear, accurate information on all operations performed (delete, download, access, copy…)
  • Investigate fast thanks to the recording and traceability of precalculated metadata
  • Speed up the processing time for an alert or security incident
  • Rights review

  • Real-time visibility to all permissions affecting all files (OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online) and mailbox delegations
  • Easy campaign launch for permissions reviews
  • Improve data control and monitoring over time
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    Other solutions

    Effective solutions for all your needs


    Detect suspicious or malicious activities and human errors even those with very weak signals, thanks to a powerful real-time alerting system and the involvement of your users.

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    Involve users

    Increase the user’s role in protecting their data and collaboration tools by involving them in the security system and allowing them to control their data.

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    Sensitive data

    Enable personalized monitoring and maintain full control over the operations and access affecting your most essential data.

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    Use automated remediation to correct malicious or dangerous operations and human error as quickly as possible, with the help of your team.

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    Access review

    Dramatically improve your recertification processes with effective user engagement, automated mechanics, and fine-grained data analysis.

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