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Involve your users

Increase the user’s role in protecting data and collaborative tools by involving them in the security system and allowing them to control their data.

The Challenge

Make users responsible for data security

Reduced vulnerabilities

Ensure users are aware of the situation
Avoid the serious consequences of successful phishing, human error, illegitimate delegation, access to sensitive data, anonymous sharing, etc.

No limitations

Good ergonomics encourages better security
Be better informed. Quicker, clearer access to information for users and ISS teams contributes to more effective digital security suitable for the challenges of the Digital Workplace.

Trust and adoption

Improve knowledge of the tools and risk awareness.
Increase user confidence with a consolidated, personalised dashboard and improve the use of digital tools.

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Successfully engage users in security

Improve user experience

With personalised protection and a customised dashboard, each user can control access, permissions, and sharing of their data. They can be notified about suspicious activity and review current authorisations.
Unprecedented visibility for a successful experience and engagement.

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Optimise the security system

IDECSI has developed a solution that detects unauthorised access or illegitimate data operations, as well as malicious configuration changes.
Connected with users, it minimises detection and resolution times.
Distributed detection also improves the efficiency of the SOC, allowing the security team to focus on high-risk events and optimising its resources.



Your users are connected to the security system, offering significant advantages

Thanks to IDECSI, employees have the resources to take action. They improve and increase the capabilities of the supervision platform, contributing to security alongside ISS teams.

Ergonomic interface

Strong engagement

Autonomous protection

Short processing circuit

User dashboard

  • Monitor who is accessing my resources, who has rights, which configuration is active and which devices are synchronising
  • Manage group members and SharePoint Online sites through real owner identification
  • Accessible via a website, mobile application, or directly by e-mail

    Personalised notifications

  • Instant peace of mind: direct questions to owners
  • Information for users on risk operations
  • Rights review

  • Launch user recertification campaigns in a few clicks
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Monitoring the progress and centralised supervision of campaigns
  • Remediation

  • Enrich the system with information sent by users
  • Users can make updates and corrections directly
  • Centralised, consolidated feedback
  • Automated processing
  • Other solutions

    Effective solutions for all your needs


    Run analyses with just one click. Access important information fast.

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    Detect illegitimate and dangerous operations, human error and weak signals thanks to a powerful real-time alert system and the involvement of your users.

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    Sensitive data

    Enable personalised monitoring and maintain full control over the operations and access affecting your most essential data.

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    Use automated remediation to correct illegitimate or dangerous operations and human error as quickly as possible, with the help of your team.

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    Rights reviews

    Dramatically improve your recertification processes with strong user engagement, automated mechanics, and fine-grained data analysis.

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