IDECSI for Office 365


One-click integrity check for Exchange, One Drive, SharePoint and all user accounts.

Real-Time Detection

Reveal and identify anomalous activity immediately

Personal SIEM

Engage your employees in securing your organization, while reducing cost.​

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Immediately detect unauthorized access and malicious configuration changes

 Engage your users in Office 365 security

Key features and benefits

  • Protect every user
  • Protect all Office 365 applications: Email, SharePoint, OneDrive,…
  • One-click audit to check the integrity of all resources: email accounts, OneDrive folders, SharePoint lists,…
  • Monitor and audit system-wide configuration
  • Provide customized protection for each user, through intelligent self-learning
  • Provide a Personal Security Guardian for Users - PERSONAL SIEM
  • Access a full security dashboard for IT and security teams
  • Deliver user friendly one-page audit reports of resource usage and rights

And also:

  • Smartphone/tablet application for end users
  • Highly customizable real time alerting of security breaches: who receives the alert, which alerts are included, how they are delivered
  • Self protecting platform
  • No access to your data – only logs

security that covers all vulnerabilities:

  • unauthorized access
  • compromised credentials and stolen passwords
  • access from impossible locations
  • unauthorized mobile devices 
  • suspicious or dangerous configuration, created by administrator or user
  • misuse of service accounts
  • unauthorized access protocols

...and many other scenarios covering all possible access or configuration in Office 365

natively integrated with key security tools:

  • Two minutes to install – immediately operational
  • SIEM / SOC integration
  • MDM integration

Plug and Play installation
Immediately operational

No data access

IDECSI only requires non-privileged access to your Office 365. 

It does not require access to data or the ability to configure the environment.

Minimal requirements from the IT team

IDECSI only requires a service account, restricted to receiving to config and access logs.

Immediate installation

It takes less than 15 minutes of IT time to set up IDECSI protection.  It is then immediately operational.

More information and technical details

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