IDECSI is a people-empowered
security solution

CEOs, CISOs and the company’s employees build a strong, participatory security system together. IDECSI harnesses the collective power of the company to increase its security ROI.

A strategic new answer to the biggest problem of our time

Cyberthreat isn’t going to disappear any time soon and the adopted wisdom of throwing yet more technology at the problem is simply doubling the traffic and adding to complexity.

It’s time for all of us, not just security professionals, to turn this problem around. 

We see things differently, inspired by how real people in companies, users of common applications actually think and work.
Ours is a determinedly non-techie approach to the biggest persistent problem of our time.

A ‘Personal SIEM’ for users : a collective defense that’s cheaper and more effective

Our solution gives every user the opportunity to have their own ‘Personal’ SIEM. The user and the security team receive alerts only when something unauthorized happens. Fraud is detected immediately. CISOs and security teams know their effort is being directed only at real events.

Users actively engage in the security of the company and feel truly part of the solution.

The company’s ability to detect threats and prevent breaches is massively enhanced.

From control and constraint to the commitment of everyone…

Thanks to an intuitive smartphone app, users immediately identify a malicious configuration or access and report it to their security team. They are aware of new accesses and legitimate changes and can validate these with a single click.

This dramatic reversal of the conventional way of seeing security means that instead of having millions of logs of normally ‘ordinary’ data to process, IDECSI's ‘crowdsourced’ detection system isolates specific events at the individual level of each employee. The result is engagement by everyone across the company in protecting its health and vitality.

On-Demand audit solution Real-time protection Personal Siem

IDECSI gives security professionals
a platform that’s focused on
performance and ROI

Reduced volume of data to process as only fraudulent events are identified.
Legitimate changes and events are filtered out by the platform intelligence or validated by the user.

Increased accuracy of event management and therefore more time to focus on real threats without slowing or inhibiting collaboration.
 A solution without constraint.

Reduced reporting and processing time.
IDECSI’s smartphone application allows users to understand and react to potential breaches in real-time. 

Unique, powerful and totally reliable detection capability.
Employees increase the company’s defenses. They know what is normal and what is not.

Ultimate flexibility: IDECSI’s platform adapts to your needs. It can be used for high-level protection of senior executives and for company-wide protection.
You choose which applications to protect, which employees, which level of security monitoring and which model of alerts you want.

The benefit of a direct communication channel dedicated to security.
With IDECSI’s app, the security team has a dedicated channel to communicate with all employees.

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