Engage users in
cybersecurity effectively

your budget


Each employee protects themself and the company

With Personal SIEM from IDECSI, each employee is an informed and committed actor in their own security and actively participates in protecting the company.

Each employee has visibility to their own security. Users are constructively engaged with a tool which gives them greater control and greater security. Everyone participates in their own security - and that of the company.

Users can control access to their applications and communicate with the security team

Who accesses their email account? Which rules are active?

Which devices are synchronized?

Who accesses their sensitive SharePoint libraries?


A customized security dashboard designed for users

Users can check their application security configuration in one click including recent access, mode of access, settings, and more.

They can easily identify and report any unauthorized actions.

A smartphone application that will also alert

The IDECSI Personal SIEM application is available on Apple and Android mobile devices and will alert users in the event of unauthorised access or configuration changes that introduce vulnerabilities.

Users respond to the alert, reporting any breach the moment it occurs.


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Improved efficiency for security teams,
SOC and SIEM - security budget

The IDECSI Personal SIEM interfaces with security teams, SOC and SIEM

Decreasing the volume and number of events stored in the SIEM.

Providing the most reliable information, validated by users.

Enhancing the SIEM and making it an application expert thanks to IDECSI.

Benefit from participatory security with

User security builds enhanced security throughout the company

Users become a point of strength in security. Access to their data and
applications is protected.

The company's detection capability is increased

The company benefits from everybody’s participation. Users
immediately identify unauthorized access or malicious configuration.

The accuracy of incident reporting is improved and the response time is reduced

When suspicious activity is detected, notification can be sent directly to the user (by smartphone app, sms, or email).

Security teams can focus on the essential

Authorized access and configuration changes are validated by users. Only genuine breaches are reported to the security team, SOC or SIEM.

Simple to set up and adapt to your business

Fully integrated

The Personal SIEM option is a fully integrated IDECSI solution. Everything has been designed with users in mind, no matter the size of the company.


In just one click, you decide which users should benefit from Personal SIEM, which security information is available to them, and whether an alert is active or silent.

Quick installation that
adapts to your structure
and working environment

Make your applications 100% safe and protect their users in one click, at any time, over any period of time and regardless of the technical architecture.

Plug & Play

Installation in 2 hours

No compromise of existing data

No impact on users and IS performance


On-premise, Cloud, Hybrid

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